08 / 04/ 2022

What is Live streaming? How can you use it effectively.

Live streaming is becoming a popular choice for organisations, businesses and influencers to connect with their audience digitally. If done properly, it can reap excellent results and give wings to your business. In order to engage with your viewers, let’s understand what is live streaming and how you can do it effectively.

Table of contents:

  • - What is live streaming?
  • - How to do live streaming?
  • - What is the biggest live streaming platform?
  • - How to choose the right live stream platform?
  • - Live streaming setup
  • - Common FAQs

What is live streaming?

Live streaming is a one of a kind technology that allows you to create, share and watch videos in real time. It requires an internet enabled gadget like a smartphone or a tablet and a live steam platform such as a website or an application. Live stream can be extremely impactful in helping you build connections with your audience. It allows you to interact with them in real time, ask questions, conduct polls and sell products, if any.

One of the major reasons why live streaming is favoured by people is because it presents real, uncensored content. A New York Magazine survey claimed that 82% of the 1000 participants prefer live stream videos of brands compared to other social media activities. Also, live stream allows audiences to see what’s going on behind the scenes. We all love our share of bloopers, don’t we?


How to do live streaming?

It is okay to admit if you find it hard to understand live streaming technicalities in the first attempt. Let’s simplify the process a bit and go over the basic steps involved in live streaming.

  1. Connect audio and video sources together:
  2. You will have to physically connect your audio and video sources to the primary live stream setup like your laptop or PC.

  3. Configure the encoder accordingly:
  4. For external encoders, you will need to set the device’s setting using an app or web UI. For software encoders, you can leave it to default and it will adjust according to the streaming platform.

  5. Connect to live stream:
  6. Finally, you can connect your audio and video set up to your live stream platform. Make sure you ensure the internet connection is stable. Nothing puts off the audience more than disrupted live stream sessions. To check the performance of your internet, you can use free online tools like speed checker.

You can also leave the process to Degpeg and enjoy maximum engagement with viewers. Degpeg offers a seamless live stream platform. It helps you live stream from your website and mobile - at the same time. You can connect with customers all over the globe through 30+ social and community platforms.


What is the biggest live streaming platform?

Currently, Twitch is one of the biggest live streaming platforms. However, it does not cater to all industries. Live streaming video on Twitch is mainly done by entertainment channels and gaming companies like Justin Tv and Silver VR Technologies Inc among others. Other popular live stream platforms include Facebook Live, Instagram Live stories, Youtube, House party and TikTok. Let’s have a brief look where each stands with regards to live streaming.

For clothing, jewellery and makeup businesses or products, Facebook live works wonders. If you don’t have a product to sell and simply want to connect and engage with new viewers, Instagram live is a great way to do it. Have fun with polls, Q&A and let your viewers take a sneak peek at the life of their favourite influencer.

Once you have at least a 1000 flowers, TikTok is a great way to start a conversation with your viewers. While TikTok does not offer a call to action feature, you can always redirect your audience to IGTV live or ask them to share your content.

After Google, Youtube is the second most visited website in the world. Live stream here are mostly dominated by music and gaming industries. Degpeg is one of a kind live stream platform that caters to both the music and gaming industry.

House Party rose to prominence during the pandemic with a record 50M sign ups in 2020 alone. With its co-watching live video, you can collaborate with other influencers and reach out to an even larger pool of audience.


Degpeg offers you more than 30 community and social channels like LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Twitch, Instagram and Facebook among others. Increase your reach as you interact with viewers all over the globe.

How to choose the right live stream platform?

Degpeg has multiple available platforms for you to choose from. But before you do, ponder a bit on the target audience. Not everyone will be using all of these platforms. It is up to you to decide which channel or channels will give you the best reach. Do competitor research if you want and choose what’s best suited for you.

Live Streaming setup

Building a live streaming setup is not as difficult as it looks. All you need is a camera, mic, encoder and an uninterrupted internet connection. Lighting is a crucial element in the live stream setup. You wouldn’t want your audience to think less of you due to shady lighting. For beginners, a ring light is sufficient. Of course, storytelling and oration skills are an added bonus! And ta da! You have a professional live stream set up at your disposal, all set to impress your viewers.

In addition to all this, Degpeg offers HD quality videos to help you create a lasting impression.

Overall, live streaming is an effective tool to market your brand or product digitally. It allows for massive interaction and helps you make an impression in an industry full of tough competitors.

Common FAQs

  1. Is Zoom a live stream?
  2. Ans: Zoom is a private live stream which allows you to interact with people you have invited. To keep the privacy intact, a password is shared with the participants only. For increased reach, you can also live stream a Zoom session on Youtube. Participants can join from Zoom and comment on Youtube. Usually there is a 20 second delay between the Zoom session and its live stream on Youtube.

  3. Is live streaming for free?
  4. Ans: There are some platforms like Youtube and Facebook that allow you to live stream free of cost. If you want to try out other slightly niche channels, you will have to pay a particular amount. Check out the Degpeg website for a free demo to see which platform suits your needs the best.