27 / 10/ 2023

Top 3 reasons why videos can turbocharge your business


Marketers are forever looking out for newer forms of advertisements that can help scale up the sales numbers. Video formats have proven to be a successful advertising format for business across sectors. Most websites, especially e-commerce websites, highly depend on creatively clicked photographs and interestingly created videos to boost website visits and sales.

Why videos?

Videos are essentially advertising mediums that convey your messages in a motion-graphic format. It has been proven that the audience remembers almost 90% of your product/message when they see a video vis-a-vis when they see or read the similar message in the static or text format.

Videos have the capability to tell a story more effectively and to emotionally connect with the audiences, creating a greater impact, and thereby enabling greater conversions. This majorly then leads to higher customer retention rates and increased brand loyalty.

So how do videos turbocharge businesses, you would ask?!

Well, videos have the ultimate power of storytelling. Via videos, businesses and brands can showcase the offering better, can communicate the USP better, and can influence the buyer's decision making better. Using videos, brands can communicate their product/offering in a more interesting and efficient way.

There are multiple forms of videos that one can create. Brands and businesses need to evaluate which type fits their positioning the best and which would yield them better results. Here is a brief of the types of videos that can be created and used.

  • Product Videos - These are simple videos that showcase the product and its features
  • Instructional Videos - These are videos that demonstrate how to use the product
  • Testimonial Videos - These are videos that contain customer testimony of the product/service. It’s like a review but in the video format
  • Narrative Videos - These are scripted videos that talk about the brand/product, their importance and how to use them etc

Here are the top 3 reasons why videos can turbocharge your business:

  • Video formats aka our shoppable videos are easy to integrate in your existing website. They do not require any additional or complicated coding.
  • Adding videos to your website increases the aesthetic value of your website and gives the audience a clearer 360 degree view of your offering. It helps them to understand your product or service better and keeps them engaged for longer. This increases the stay time on your website and keeps getting them back to shopping with you frequently.

    Customers/viewers don't feel cheated as they get to see the reality as it is. Videos help them in making well informed buying decisions, thereby reducing your acquisition costs and increasing customer satisfaction.
  • With a call to action (CTA) button placed right there, it becomes easy for the customers to place an order with you without having to move back and forth on your website. This provides them the ease of shipping that they desire.

In a nutshell, adding shoppable videos to your existing carousel or website alone is a great way to transparently communicate with your potential audience and seamlessly convert them to your loyal customers, thereby boosting your sales numbers and reducing your acquisition and operational costs.

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