25 / 09/ 2023

The newest engagement format: Short Shoppable Videos


Every once in a while we come across some path-breaking advertising formats that often leave us in awe with the kind of results they can generate. For businesses, high user engagement and conversion are two of the most important goals and when these goals are met, there is no looking back!

At Degpeg, we’ve put in an immense number of hours and skills in developing one of the most advanced formats of advertisement that has given proven results to our clients. We call it the Short Shoppable Videos.

What are Short Shoppable Videos?

Short Shoppable Videos are basically videos of shorter duration that can display a 360 degree view of your product or offering. Additionally, businesses or brands can also create their own form of videos to be published on their website which can have product pictures from varied angles along with some text or copy that they would like to display.

Why are they useful?

These formats of videos are useful and highly effective as they are direct, precise, and do the job well. They come with a Call To Action (CTA), so users can view your product video and can instantly place an order if they like the product. What’s more is that shop shoppable videos fit within the video viewing interest span of users. Hence they can greatly impact their buying decisions and can lead to higher conversions.

Who can use this format?


Short Shoppable Videos can be typically used by any brand or business who has a tangible product to sell. This format can be easily integrated in your website and these videos can be seamlessly added along with the regular product photographs or creatives.

However, short shoppable videos have proven to be profitable especially to ecommerce businesses. This is because ecommerce websites have a typical arrangement of carousel photos that are displayed on the website. By adding these short videos along with the carousels, users can get a holistic view of the product. Videos add an essence to the overall product viewing experience of users as they give a more realistic picture and they can, thus, undoubtedly make or break the users’ buying decisions.

How does it increase the ecommerce business?

Most ecommerce websites today offer multiple product photographs to be displayed in the carousel format. Businesses or brands click these photographs from different angles and display them on the website. Users can thus scroll through them and decide if they like the product or not.

With the introduction and addition of Degpeg’s short shoppable videos, brands can now add videos of the products they offer. This will display how the product looks in reality and will also impact the way users view the product.

With a CTA displayed right there, users can conveniently click the CTA after viewing the video and can directly place an order. With this format, businesses or brands can expect to have more unique users visiting their website with longer session durations. This eventually leads to higher user engagement on the website, thereby leading to the ultimate objective of conversion. Higher the conversion, higher the revenues, higher the profits and higher the demand for the products. Thus, higher the orders and higher and better will be the overall ecosystem.

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