B2B Solution Enable Live Shopping with Degpeg

The new form of next gen retail experience for retailers, e-commerce sellers or content creators across the globe will like to talk in detail about the products and related information through Livestreaming on its own website/mobile app/social communities / marketplace users. Degpeg can empower them with unique shopping capabilities, which can enhance engagement, retention and revenue from the same communities. Your audience can interact with your favorite brand and order as per convenience after a complete product experience and information exchange. Live demonstrations connect your customers more impactfully as they unfold and help them to use it better in the real world.

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B2C Solution Live Shopping Marketplace for Small & Medium Sellers to Content Creators

Small & medium sellers do not have clear visibility in the marketplaces and they cannot showcase complete product information, experience and various use cases in detail in front of an audience. At the same time, content creators who are strong storytellers, aren't able to monetise their content in an effective way. Degpeg is bringing a unique Live commerce platform to showcase products through Live broadcast across connected social and marketplace platforms.

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Integrate with any e-commerce platform
Our We create live shows to integrate
commerce and entertainment.


Integrate degpeg, and connect your customers with your latest collection and array of merchandise.



Join degpeg, and enable live tutoring and interactive learning.



Get live with degpeg and promote your healthcare products and services directly to your customers through our content creators.



Tune in with degpeg, and connect with music fanatics across the globe. Reach real time audiences with your events and concerts.



Try degpeg, and let your users experience your gaming interface live. Enable free live demos and get more traction live.



T Join degpeg, and give travellers all around the globe a live experience of your hotels, locations, and events.