25 / 10/ 2021

Degpeg secures funding with the help of Mainstage Hub & their association with Expert Dojo.


Mainstage Hub Startup Degpeg which is a Live commerce platform secured fresh funding through Expert Dojo. Expert Dojo is an international early-stage startup accelerator in Southern California. Mainstage Hub hosts monthly Matchmaking sessions between their startups and Expert Dojo and this is one of many success stories to come from this association.

Degpeg is a Cloud-based Live commerce platform, to enable multi-streaming with e-commerce capabilities, to sell any kind of product/service on both web and mobile.

Degpeg was founded by Vipul Jain & Raghavendra Hegde in March, 2021 , both of them are serial entrepreneurs and created world-class products in the past. The founding team has total experience of more than 40 Years and handles both technology and business with in-house teams.

The vision of Degpeg is to empower live streaming in a way that can be used not only to produce real time content, but build a meaningful business out of it, for content creators or advertisers or associated businesses like : e-commerce, retail, education, gaming etc. Degpeg is a fresh new iteration of e-commerce sprinkled with live streaming elements that promises to revolutionize the e-commerce space and consumer shopping habits and this funding round gets them closer to accomplishing their vision.

Debasis Chakraborty (COO, Mainstage Hub) stated, “Degpeg is the next evolution in online shopping and perfectly aligns to the concept of Metaverse. With a stellar team to support him, Vipul is on the roll. We are very optimistic that Degpeg will very soon push the boundaries of ‘Soonicorn’.”

Swen Wegner (CEO, Mainstage Hub) added “This investment highlights the continued fast growth of the Live commerce business and it’s immense market potential. Congratulations to Degpeg, we are very proud and can not wait to see what else we achieve together”.

Wishing all the luck and success to Degpeg, Mainstage Hub and all the parties involved.