17 / 10/ 2023

Degpeg Redefines Blue Star’s Customer Support


It’s not everyday that you see a company reach an incredible milestone, do you? In an exciting update, we @ Degpeg have managed to reach a new milestone of crossing 1,00,000+ customer support calls for one of our most trusted and loyal clients - Blue Star Engineering & Electronics.

1,00,000+ Calls In A Month

What we first thought would be a far-fetched dream is today one of our most cherished realities. With unmatched skillfulness and years of joint expertise, Degpeg, the trailblazing customer support solution provider, has achieved a jaw-dropping number of 1,00,000+ calls in just one month for Blue Star, India’s leading consumer electronics brands. With this, our journey to become the catalyst for businesses to ignite the ROI-driven paradigm and empower them to save on their operational costs, retain customers and achieve unprecedented conversion rates has only grown upward and beyond from hereon.

Our team has been on their toes day-in and day-out to bring the best-in-class technology for all our existing and prospective customers so that they do not waste a lot of time, effort and money on post-sales customer support processes that require a lot of manual intervention. With this monumental achievement, we truly feel proud of every member of the Degpeg family whose relentless pursuit of excellence and commitment to transforming customer support into a revenue-generating powerhouse is gradually, but surely, showing positive results.

Conversions up by 40% with savings up to 1.5-2 crore

With the introduction of new-age technology, Degpeg has been able to successfully address customer needs and has enabled businesses to unleash the true power of customer support – boosting conversions by an astonishing 40%!”


The ripple effect of this milestone is felt not only in the realm of conversions but also in the realm of cost savings with businesses witnessing staggering savings of 1.5-2 crore!

Degpeg’s prowess has been a game-changer for brands, especially those in the consumer segment, as it has led to an overall reduction of operational costs. This has provided brands with the much-needed financial impetus required to embrace innovation and growth.

With a milestone as big as 1,00,000+ calls in a month, it is a known fact now that our objective is not just to chase numbers, but to build and maintain unbreakable bonds with our customers, also enabling them to further build and maintain strong bonds with their customers. Though Degpeg’s personalised care and empathetic interactions, we have managed to empower businesses with a loyal customer base and higher retention rates. Furthermore, our ROI-driven approach has fueled an acquisition spree, thereby helping businesses by growing their organic customer base.

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If you are a part of a budding start-up or enterprise looking forward to redefining customer support and igniting an ROI-driven revolution, then we have a little something for you! Embark on a journey of retention, cost optimization and conversions with Degpeg’s one month of free trial. Request a demo or get started by visiting.

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