16 / 05/ 2022

Brand Story - When Experiments Taste Success

As a brand or a business, there is nothing more satisfying than to see risks and experiments being received wonderfully by audiences. We at Degpeg are delighted because our experimental live auto show just received staggering responses! Excited to hear how it all happened? Let the storytelling begin!

The idea began to take shape when Degpeg got heavily inspired from our in-house influencer and car expert Rishabh Arora. Given millennials' obsession with road trips, we thought what better than going live for an auto show! You must have come across thousands of video content on the best road trip destinations. We bet you have rarely come across a live show explaining best car accessories for road trips coupled with a direct helpline to purchase those products! That is what Degpeg is all about - setting trends and innovating the live commerce arena.

The process began with creating pre buzz activities. From eye-catching teasers on the company’s social media handles to posts and reminders, Degpeg went all the way to generate the right kind of enthusiasm among audiences. Finally the show went live on a Sunday with record breaking views for Degpeg as well as for our talented influencer Rishabh. Not to forget, we indulged in some post-event activities as well in the form of videos and promotional articles (like this one!)

From 15K views to 150+ likes and 50+ unique leads, the response was overwhelming. We, as a live commerce brand did not expect such a positive response from this experimental live show. But now that we are confident in our stride, we plan to collaborate with more such influencers, showcase more such amazing products and make Degpeg live commerce a force to reckon with.

If you are an influencer or a brand looking forward to utilising the growing power of live commerce for your business, don’t forget to reach out to the experts of the field A.K.A Degpeg!