B2C Solution Live Shopping Marketplace for Small & Medium Sellers to Content Creators

Small & medium sellers do not have clear visibility in the marketplaces and they cannot showcase complete product information, experience and various use cases in detail in front of an audience. At the same time, content creators who are strong storytellers, aren't able to monetise their content in an effective way. Degpeg is bringing a unique Live commerce platform to showcase products through Live broadcast across connected social and marketplace platforms.

Degpeg team brings them a platform over which everybody can sell effectively and provide a one of a kind opportunity to stand next to the big brand . Live shopping can make you look trustworthy in the eyes of your target groups, and undoubtedly it is extremely cost effective. Increase your customer engagement exponentially across platforms

Unique features meant for sellers & content creators to generate more revenue :

  • brand
    End-to-end Live marketplace across platforms
    By building product based shows, bringing traffic/users around it and generate revenue for sellers and content creators, Degpeg is committed to bring about a new dawn of monetisation for sellers to content creators in a simple way.
  • cta
    Interact live with your users and provide a better product experience
    No more delayed feedback & confused customer reviews. Connect live and reach out to your users instantly.
  • channel
    Capture your viewer’s impulse buying with in-stream CTAs
    Create product-specific CTAs during live streams and make shopping fun & easy.
  • live
    Connect with local & international audiences from anywhere
    Multi-Stream to 30+ platforms with degpeg. A wider audience means wider outreach and hence exceptional sales.
  • live
    No e-commerce website? We got you covered!
    Benefit from our delivery partners and sell live through Degpeg hassle free.
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Diverse modes that can help you grow your business.
Degpeg is a cloud based Live Commerce platform that will enable you to showcase and sell your products/services through multichannel live-streaming.
Degpeg as a platform can be effectively used in many ways

Company & Product/Industry Updates

Stream and share all important information on your own community along with social channels.


Commerce Integrations with Flash sales / Offers

Build revenue over Live Broadcast with special offers for limited time.


Product launches & demos

Launch a new product Live in front of entire community.


Webinars, Classes, Workshops

Easy setup to share your knowledge with rest of the world, best fit for education businesses or educators.