B2B Solution Enable Live Shopping with Degpeg

The new form of next gen retail experience for retailers, e-commerce sellers or content creators across the globe will like to talk in detail about the products and related information through Livestreaming on its own website / mobile app / social communities / marketplace users. Degpeg can empower them with unique shopping capabilities, which can enhance engagement, retention and revenue from the same communities. Your audience can interact with your favorite brand and order as per convenience after a complete product experience and information exchange. Live demonstrations connect your customers more impactfully as they unfold and help them to use it better in the real world.

Degpeg is committed to provide end-end solutions to brands from technology & content for live shows to target audiences across geographies for all kinds of Livestreaming broadcast.

Here are the key features which every brand can avail as a complete solution :

  • brand
    Explore the power of customized CTAs
    Create product specific CTAs either to add in cart or take users over checkout page to complete the direct or in-direct purchase or leads. It can change in real time while broadcast of Live shows is happening over platforms.
  • cta
    Multiply your reach at one go
    Multistreaming across platforms from own website, mobile application, social and marketplace platforms at one go. Now brands need not manage Live content on various places seperately. They can monetise their social/marketplace communities in a more effective way.
  • channel
    Customized Live shopping solution with your own branding
    Built-in SDKs for your digital assets to facilitate Live streaming cum shopping over website/mobile app and at the same time connecting your social and marketplace platforms.
  • live
    Schedule your Live shows/events in advance
    Plan your Live streams in advance, so that the brand can promote them with more engaged users and generate optimum results.
  • live
    Live interaction with your users.
    Engage with your own users in real time, know their feedback & interactions in various forms like, share or comment across connected websites, mobile, social and marketplace platforms through one dashboard.
  • check
    Monetise your content
    A new way to monetise Live content and it proves beneficial for advertisers and publishers to generate revenue from day one, either by selling products or by providing targeted traffic.
  • check
    Detailed Live analytics
    Brands can get access to the first party data of every Live broadcast available on their own digital assets and the data provided by 3rd party social and marketplace platforms in one dashboard. It gives more insights about Live shows, interactions, revenue etc., so that brands can effectively plan their next broadcast and make optimised revenue on top of it.
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Diverse modes that can help you grow your business.
Degpeg is a cloud based Live Commerce platform that will enable you to showcase and sell your products/services through multichannel live-streaming.
Degpeg as a platform can be effectively used in many ways

Company & Product/Industry Updates

Stream and share all important information on your own community along with social channels.


Commerce Integrations with Flash sales / Offers

Build revenue over Live Broadcast with special offers for limited time.


Product launches & demos

Launch a new product Live in front of entire community.


Webinars, Classes, Workshops

Easy setup to share your knowledge with rest of the world, best fit for education businesses or educators.